Dua For Enemy

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Everyone in this world has an enemy. If you live a simple life, you will still have someone who will be jealous of your simplicity. So what do you do? If you are a person who just wants to continue your life and do not want to interfere in someone’s life then you should just keep yourself safe. Due to protection from enemy, you will help your enemy to be safe from all sides. This will prevent your enemy from harming you or anyone else in your family.

Dua To Get Rid of Enemies

Wazifa is very effective and powerful for protection from enemy. This will change the thinking of your enemy and he will never think of harming you. If your enemy is very envious of your rise and wants to harm your business and work and continues to spread false rumors to your customers, then pray for help to get rid of enemies. InshaAllah, you will never be harmed by any effort of your enemy. And, you will be able to do your business easily without any fear.

Wazifa to save yourself from enemy

Recite 111 times daily Surah Al-Qaas and think about your enemy and warrant it. Pray to Allah lock to protect your enemy’s evil intentions. InshaAllah, your enemy will fail, every time he tries to harm you.