Kisi ki Shadi Todne ka Wazifa, Tarika

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Love is the most beautiful things in the world and without love, you are like a soul without a human being. If someone told you to do that work with love, then I am sure you will do that work. But if the person has asked for that job in an angry face or angry face. Then I also believe that you will not do that work or even more completely and surely. And it does not depend on love that is only between girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife. Love is also between our Almighty Allah and our own.

And if a girl or boy loves each other, then at that time they do not think about the future and their parents. If your boyfriend is going to marry someone else, then here I am going to tell you the strongest and powerful Wazifa. This strongest and powerful testament will help you break a marriage or someone else’s marriage.

Kisi ki shadi rokne ka tarika

I know that the brothers and sisters have a question in your mind about why I am giving this position to you. And we all know that breaking a marriage is haram because we are breaking the marriage of someone through the Wazifa. So, my brothers and sisters, we are telling you why we are posting or sharing this post with you all? When a boy or girl’s parents engage with another boy / girl, whom he does not love. or Kisi ki Shadi Todne ka Wazifa

So can you think that he/she will leave his life with the person without any problem or issues forever? This is the reason why we are sharing this post for you people who want to break the marriage of someone else. Our intention is not bad but we want to give you all the positive things that you want and you deserve it.

First of all, you have to do fresh wood according to the Sunnah.
After the prayer of Isha and before Fajr prayers, you have to read Surah Mujammil.
Here’s one thing to remember, you have to do this procedure in one place every day.
After all this, now you have to recite 100 times Duryodh Sharif.
After fulfilling all these things, you now have to pray to Allah Allaah.
This tour should be from your work to your heart and mind and in this case you should not take any problems at that time.

In Sha Allah, kisi ki shadi todne ka amal will help you reach your goal and your partner. You will have to end the process when you see any kind of trauma in your lover’s life.

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